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Stabilized Zebrawood & Stainless Steel Ring

Stabilized Zebrawood & Stainless Steel Ring

Zebrawood exotic hardwood
High quality Stainless Steel
8mm wide
Durable high-gloss finish
Comfort fit inner core

By Hand & Earth strives for a higher quality product than our competitors.  We only use the highest quality materials and have tested numerous woods, metals, adhesives and finishes to create jewelry that outshines and outlasts similar products.  Every By Hand & Earth exotic wood ring is stabilized, a process that involves sealing the wood under high vacuum to suck all air out and fill it with epoxy.  Stabilization helps resists contraction and expansion under moist/dry conditions and makes the wood much stronger


 All of our exotic wood rings are sealed with 7 layers of hardened, ultra-durable C.A. finish and then polished to a bright, glass-like sheen.  A dull, unfinished look is also available in any style. The Cyanoacrylate Finish (C.A.) protects your ring from everyday wear and tear, moisture and UV light. The high quality stainless steel is hypo-allergenic, will not turn your finger colors or tarnish/rust and is concaved on the inside for a perfect comfort fit.


It is very important that you get the proper size before your ring purchase.  The easiest way is to stop at a jeweler and asked to be sized, it is a very quick process that they are familiar with.  If this is inconvenient you can purchase a "finger sizer for rings" on many websites for around $5.  If you download a "printable finger sizer", glue it to a business card or thick stock paper and remember that the paper will flex in ways that the metal rings will not.  NOTE: Sizing with a printable sizer is not as accurate as a metal or hard plastic sizer so this process is at your own risk.  If you do and your ring isn't a perfect fit, I will remake it once after receiving the ring for exchange.  All shipping costs after initial shipping will be your responsibility.



As always this ring was made By Hand & Earth.

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